Rode to Castle Kreuzenstein today

Once again a local SIM card and Google maps proved in valuable. Went for a swim in the Danube on the way back. Impressive  hill up to the castle. Praise Jebus for granny gears.




That’s it for today

Tomorrow I need to ride over to the airport and get reservations for the bike for the way home. Going to stop by Belveder Palace on the way back. Won’t go inside since its an art museum and they’re not my thing. Thursday I’m going to ride out to another castle near Kornueberg that I saw today too. Then Friday I’m going to ride over to that castle near the dam by Tulln. The owners daughter from the hotel in Krems told me she’s going to be in Vienna Saturday and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up for coffee. So I’ll do that. And if the weather warrants I’ll jump in the Danube again.