Here is the gear, equipment, clothing etc I plan to use during the trip. I’ll update it to reflect the utility of the items and how they worked out.


The bike I’ll be riding is a 2005 LeMond Buenes Aires. I’ve had this bike the longest and it is my daily ride. I’ve done RAGBRAI on him as well as my daily commute. A few months ago I swapped out the original Campagnolo Veloce triple for a Shimano 105 double group set.  It doesn’t come with mounting points for a rack, so therefore everything I’m taking will be either in my backpack, saddle bag and handlebar bag.


The case I’m using is the Helium from Biknd. It’s not a rigid side case but has inflatable bladders on the sides. I’ve had good luck with case transporting my full carbon Bianchi. One os the nicest things about it is once deflated it folds up to about the size of a large golf bag.

The backpack I’m using is called the Arkiv from Mission Workshop. It’s made in Murica and is waterproof. I went with the 40L, the larger of the two.  It’s fits well once broken in. It doesn’t provide much cooling on the back. Camelbak does this better.