Today’s ride map


It was another rough day on the trail. The headwinds were back. Not as bad as yesterday but the suck nonetheless. Which makes me realize why all the people going the other way look at me like I’m crazy. I’m fairly sure I could deal with the headwind or a heavy backpack, or my underestimation of distances, but not all three. Maybe two of the three? And honestly it’s the heavy backpack. Panniers is the way to go. So with that in mind, and tomorrow is Linz; a two night city. I’m going to look at the map and train schedules and start cutting my rides in half. Half the day I’ll take the train, the other half I’ll ride. I’ll reassess this on the way back to Vienna because I’ll have a tailwind and my pack will be lighter. Linz is by my estimate 37 miles away. So probably more like 45.


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