Local SIM card

Yesterday I stopped by an A1, Austrian Telekom, store and bought a SIM card. They carry a variety of plans depending on your needs. I went with a data heavy one because I figure I’ll need maps and email more than voice. I got 2GB of data for 10€. It will also be helpful in emailing hotels if I’m running late. After riding for a few hours yesterday and using Google Maps a lot I only used 13MB of data. A thing that is nice and helpful with is my iPhone is the ability to turn off, individually, the data apps and features use so they don’t suck up data in the background. So I went in and turned off everything except Google Maps and email. I think this helped to limit the amount of data I used. I did forget to bring one thing so far. I had bought a slim aluminum case, about the size of a credit card, to store my home SIM, and the Austrian SIM, while I’m in Germany, but I left it home. And since the A1 SIM is only good in Austria I’ll need to pick up a German one when I get there.


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