First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


imageThis blog will document my bicycle trip from Vienna, Austria to Lake Constance, Germany and back to Vienna from 2 July to 1 August 2016. I was reluctant to even do a blog because I find a lot of them are done by douche bags for self aggrandizement. But I finally figured if I keep my reasons for doing it pure then why not. I also recognize that there are many other blogs dedicated to long distance bike trips, many of them longer than this one. Whether I add anything to those or just become more clutter on the interwebs I don’t know. But that is not my reasons for doing this blog. that said, I have three reasons for this blog, 1. to act as a personal diary of sorts, 2. to keep abreast friends and family of my journey, and 3. for others who might stumble upon it to find their own inspiration to undertake such a trip. To find out more about me check out the ‘About’ section.


Not much to report today

Met Alexandria for coffee this morning near stadt park. Nice to see Vienna has the same type of street freaks as Los Angeles does.

Noticed this group of folks on the way back to the hotel.

Fleisch schmeckt gut

Took a quasi nap

Then rode out to the clothing optional part of Donauinsel.

Relaxed, swam, got my vitamin D.

I swam across the north channel of the Danube.


The north channel is the part to the right of the star. The star is on Donauinsel were the clothing optional area is. The top layer of water is pleasant. But gets cool if you let your feet drift down. But it’s been warm here the last week and it’s pretty refreshing.